The Road to Chess Improvement by Alex Yermolinsky

The Road to Chess Improvement

The Road to Chess Improvement Alex Yermolinsky ebook
Format: djvu
ISBN: 1901983242, 9781901983241
Publisher: Gambit Publications
Page: 224

Lately, I've been most pleased with my recent internet chess games. Each member of the team was eager to discuss their games with their more experienced adversaries afterwards which is definitely a big step forwards down the 'chess improvement' road. So begins my journey down the long and winding "Road to Chess Improvement". What Open Chess Tournaments Tell Us About the Future of Manufacturing Robotics Smart Manufacturing and Competitiveness; How technology-driven productivity improvement is shaping the future of U.S. It has long been said that the key to improvement is to analyse your chess games. I've managed to mantain a 1600 ELO Blitz rating on without much trouble. Title:The Road to Chess Improvement Author:Alex Yermolinsky Publisher:Gambit Publications ISBN:3913993363. Chess is not an easy game, but this is what draws us to it. As a chess parent, the best we can do is to keep believing in our child, knowing these temporary setbacks are necessary building blocks on the road to chess improvement. It's too bad I only started my road to chess improvement now, at the very moment one of it's most inspiring bloggers is quitting. I will publish games that I play (win, lose, or draw) that have instructive value. If you've read even only a few chapters of his book The Road to Chess Improvement (out of print) you'll know why in 2004 he told me he had no more books to write because he couldn't think of anything more!! Become proficient at finding offensive and defensive tactics. As recommended by Yermolinsky in the “Road to Chess Improvement” book. This was stressed out in a whole book called The Road to Chess Improvement by American GM Alexander Yermolinsky (2000). Yermo scored several convincing wins in this clear-cut “central” strategy.